ITunes Loophole




Introduction: ITunes Loophole

Sick of spending hours ripping your cd's into iPod the other option is purchasing through iTunes which is the biggest rip off yet as they charge physical cd prices just got a digital copy. There is another option but only suitable if you only use your iPod for listening to music and not as a web browser as well or like me have a small iPod 16gb with a bit of music, apps and for web browsing YouTube etc and then a 64gb iPod I just want as a music player.

Step 1:

Step 2: Get ITunes Free 3 Month Subscription

Or if you used that purchase it for a month

Step 3: Fill IPod Up Downloading Apple Music

I have a lot of cd's so much quicker downloading them from apple of course Apple only lend you them while subscribing. But there is a way to keep them

Step 4: After Filling IPod Up

When your iPod is full cancel subscription they will tell you what date you will lose your music on that date they will via internet delete them

Step 5: Turn Wifi Off

Simple from then on you have all the music aslong as you only using iPod to listen to music as you need Internet turned off to stop the music being deleted

Step 6: Editing Library

Use software based rather than internet based iTunes alternative to add future songs and edit something like copytrans

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    5 years ago

    These are great tips!