Introduction: IZON 2.0 Camera With Flexible Tripod

My wife and I have welcomed a handsome newborn about 3 months ago , and as a cautious fathers we began to buy some stuff to ease the difficult task of having him monitored at most of the time, but keeping in mind that we have not to disregard our daily and common tasks. So I use to have an old IZON 2.0 camera and I decided to use it.

The problem is that the camera has only the option to place it on flat surfaces, and until my baby is old enough to sleep in his own cradle, we keep him in our bedroom in his own bassinet next to our bed.

So the job here is make that camera placeable in other surfaces than flat ones.

Step 1: List of Materials

So if you have an IZON camera like mine, you will find this modification very useful,

a) One IZON 2.0 camera

b) A flexible tripod, the Gorillapod is an excellent item for this purpose, but there are plenty of options in Amazon

c) A drill

d) 2 or 3 drill bits, but I think the ones listed below will do the work

-5/32 "

-1/8 "

Step 2: Separate the IZON 2.0 Camera From Its Stand and Unscrew the Black Cover

Once you have separated the camera stand, you have to flip it over and unscrew the black cover counterclockwise with a coin.

Step 3: Drill a Hole

Using your drill, make a hole in the black cover.

Note: You can start with the smallest drill bit. The hole area depends on the kind of screw that the flexible tripod has. If the screw is wider, you can use the next drill bit size to widen the hole.

Step 4: Screw in the Tripod Bolt

Just screw in the bolt from the tripod in the camera black cover and put it back again in the camera stand.

Step 5: Place the Camera Stand + Tripod Bolt on the Tripod

Put the pieces together.

Step 6: Grip the Camera Wherever You Want

Enjoy and watch!!.