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Introduction: Ice Cream Pancake Tacos

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This is a really different way to serve ice cream and tacos (well a taco shaped pancake) ! It's crunchy,soft and refreshing especially on a hot summer day.

Kids& adults alike love it!


For the taco shell (makes about 4 or 5):

1. 2 eggs

2. 1/2 cup granulated sugar

3.1/2 cup all purpose flour

4. 1/4 cup milk

5.1/2 cup melted butter

For the filling:

1. 1/2 a chocolate bar

2. icecream (of your choice)

For the garnish:

1. 1/2 a chocolate bar

2. 1/3 cup crushed peanuts

Step 1: Make the Pancake Shell

First mix the eggs and sugar in a medium bowl. Mix until everything it's combined.

Next add the milk and the melted butter (melted in a bowl in the microwave) and gently mix.

Finally add the flour and mix again.

Step 2: Cook the Pancake Shells

First heat your stove to a medium heat.

Now scoop 1/3 cup of the batter and put it on a frying pan and spread it out.

Wait unil bubbles apear on the pancake then you can flip it over.

After you use up all the batter let the pancakes cool down for at least 10 minutes. You should be able to make 4 or 5 pancakes from the quantities given.

Step 3: Freeze & Fill

After the pacakes have cooled down put them on the bottom of a muffin tray so that they form a shell shape. Place this in a freezer for 20 minutes.

Next melt the chocolate in a microwave until soft, then coat the inside of the cold tacos using a spoon and put back in the freezer until the chocolate sets. The chocolate provides the rigidity to the taco shell shape.

Step 4: Ice Cream and Garnish

The last step is to fill the taco shells with icecream and dip the edges in chocolate.

Before the chocolate sets you can sprinkle it with the crushed peanuts or toppings of your choice (like skrinkles or whipped cream).

Now you can enjoy or keep in the freezer for upto a week.

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    Rowida gamal
    Rowida gamal

    2 years ago

    cute and looks delicious!