Introduction: Ice Frisbee! (Ice Vs Plastic)

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Hi everyone. I got this idea that i could make ice fly, and my immediate thought was to make an ice Frisbee. At first i made a video a year ago on my experimental madness YouTube channel and i froze a plate of ice and threw it and nothing happened but broken ice everywhere and then i tried to throw a different ice Frisbee and it actually worked but it had paper towel to hold it together and a paper plate stuck to it so it wasn't 100% ice which is why i made this instructable. Please vote for this instructable.

Step 1: Making and Testing the Ice Frisbee's

This video shows all of the ice frisbee's i have made, how to make them, what is the best, comparing them to commercial frisbees, and even getting my sister to catch one. I believe that freezing the water in a bucket and taking the ice out before it completely freezes then using something to break only either the top or bottom of the frisbee is the easiest and best option to make an ice frisbee as you won't get holes and you don't need to spend time melting through the ice perfectly. This works because the ice will freeze from the outside and then slowly freeze inwards. I only failed the third frisbee because the freezer was slightly unplugged and I was pushed for time, making the frisbee too light and not frozen completely but the frisbee i threw to my sister was by the same method and it worked very well. This is an original idea by me (zack) and i was very surprised by just how well they performed against the commercial frisbee.

Link to video: Here

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Step 2: Freeze Water.

Put water in a bucket and leave it in a freezer for several hours until the ice is at least a centimeter thick. The bottom of the bucket froze the water last making it very thin and incomplete and so when you take out the ice frisbee, use something like scissors not to cut but to poke holes and remove the thin ice on the bottom of the frisbee very carefully because if your not careful then it can split the whole frisbee in half or put huge cracks in the sides. For me, i made mine less than one centimeter thick and it was too light and so it barely flew at all. Making the ice Frisbee too thin can make it last a very short time and too brittle to easily catch or throw without breaking it. I did throw a centimeter thick Frisbee and it flew the furthest.

Step 3: Throw and Have Fun! at Least While It Lasts.

This frisbee outperformed the commercial frisbee! check out the photo and the video i made for it above. throw the frisbee, have fun with the frisbee, smash the frisbee. This instructable wasn't meant for people to actually make an ice frisbee and use it for general use. It was for the make it fly contest and to see just what you can make fly out of the most unusual materials. throw it to someone and see if they can catch it.
it doesn't matter if it is made of ice, it is still a ton of fun.

Step 4: Be Careful!

Ice can be sharp and i have had an ice splinter with blood from the making of an ice frisbee so be careful and wear gloves especially when removing the thin ice and catching the frisbee.

check out my YouTube channel, Experimental madness at: Experimental madness

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