Ice Shot Glass

Introduction: Ice Shot Glass

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This is a cool different way to take shots. You can make these with stuff you probably have around the house. These are ice shot glasses so they will be slippery. The longer they are out of the freezer the more slippery they will be. Clear some space in the freezer and start making. Get your supplies together. Depending on your freezer this can take 4 hours or so to freeze, I just left mine overnight. Also you can add food coloring to the water to make them any color you want. If you don't leave them out too long you can reuse them multiple times. Keep in mind that a regular shot glass will be a bigger shot when making because of the glass itself. The size of the final shot glass will depend on the glass sizes you have around. These are really easy to drink out of. Let your drink of choice sit in the ice shot for a few seconds and drink up. Be responsible and make at your own risk.

use these food colors

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

short glass glass

shot glass



food coloring


Step 2: Prep

Start by cutting four pieces of tape - pretty much any kind will work, electrical, duct. Cut them about 3 inches long, long enough to tape to the shot glass and to cup. Tape them around the shot glass about half way down with the excess hanging off. Center your shot glass in the center of the glass. Once it is centered make sure the shot glass is not touching the bottom of the glass. Once you have it lined up tape down all four pieces of tape to the outside of the glass. This will make the shot glass hover inside the glass.

Now you need to add water the glass. Make sure not to get water inside the shot glass. Water expands when freezing so keep the water line about 1/4" below the shot glass line. If you have some food coloring add in some drops around the tape and let it mix.

Step 3: Wait


Take out of freezer, take the tape off of the outer glass. The shot glass should pull right out with a little moving back and forth. Now take the glass to the sink and run warm water around the edges and bottom of the glass. Make sure its not too hot of water because that can cause it to crack. Do this for about a minute or two and it should pop right out. After that you're ready to pour a shot. You can put it back in the freezer to keep its form without the glass. Make sure it is on a flat surface when placed in freezer so that water freezes evenly. Only drink alcohol if you are of age and responsible. Make at your own risk.

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