Introduction: If This Then That ArDino

For our school project if this then that we had to make an interactive object using an arduino. I decided to make a cuddly Ardino. He's very talented and with the push of a button will sing the jurassic park theme for you!

Step 1: Step 1: Assemble the Materials

To make a singing fluffy friend you will need:
(1x) Arduino Uno

(1x) Breadboard

(2x) orange LED

(3x) 100 ohm Resistors

(1x) Button

(15x) Jumper wires

(1x) PBC

Step 2: Step 2: Setup

The image up above shows a diagram of the setup!:

- Both leds should be connected to pin 6
- They need a resistor between the positive LED pin and the wire leading to pin 6
- Lead the negative LED pins to the ground cluster
- One side of the buzzer should be connected to pin 11 while the other connects to the ground cluster
- One side of the button should be connected to 5V
- The other side of the button has to be connected to a resistor and a wire. The wire shall lead to pin 9 while the resistor connects to another wire leading back to the ground cluster.
- lead a wire from the ground cluster to the ground on the arduino uno

Step 3: Step 3: Code

Then it is time to put in the code!
Upload this to your arduino. You can change up the song to fit your preference!