Ikea Fantasy Makeover, Dramatic But True

Introduction: Ikea Fantasy Makeover, Dramatic But True

I live in a 2 floor apt. in a 3 floor house. This space, in my first pic, is my upper floor and it is a pretty big room. This side of the room is my livingroom. This is the room that I fell in love with because I love lofts and this space has a lofty vibe. I've never been able to decorate it to its full potential. With the help of IKEA I would love to transform this room into the best lofty-living-family room ever!!!! I included 2 pics as the space is now and 1 pic of a drawing that includes all the wonderful items I would purchase form IKEA.

Functions: 1) Living and family room
                  2) Media room
                  3) Storage area
                  4) Occasionaly a guest room

Challenges; 1) This space is basically a attic and the ceiling slopes not a big problem but leaves me with few furniture arrangements.

                    2) The door way to the sapce is narrow and most trditional furniture would not fit. A sofa for example can only be no wider then the space of me standing with my hands on my hips from elbo to elbo. This is how I measure quick when I window shop.

                    3) I live with my 3 children, need I say more

IKEA SHOPPING LIST; 4 ODDA 3 DRAW CHEST- We need alot of storage for clothes, toys, and files I think they look modern and sleek. the one i put in the corner by the window will hold our flat screen tv

                                        1ODDA TWIN BED - I choose this bed for 2 reasons, 1 because it can double as a daybed and seating and 2 because I know i can put it together and taker it apart to get it into the room. I would put it across from the tv against the wall

                                         1 SULTAN FOAM MATRRESS- These are the most comfy ever!!! We all have one and why wouldnt I treat my guest to the same luxury

                                         1 ODDA UNDER BED BOX-Cant have enough storage perfect for toys or extra linens. It can also be used as  coffee table and slide back under the bed when not in use, Genius!!

                                          1 MALM OCCASSIONAL TABLE- I love this table and it would be my pop of color in orange. I put it inbetween my seating area and the kids area because we use the flat screen tv as a computer monitor most of the time. This way both tvs can be seen working at the table

                                         2 RUTGER JULES DESK CHAIRS - Comfy stylish and scaled just right. They will provide extra seating during gatherings as well as provide a seat at the table

                                         4SOLSTA PALLBO STOOLS- Additional seating and I can put me feet on one when Im sitting on the dead daybed a must have in any versatile space

                                         1 LACK TV STAND- This will hold my regular tv in the kids area

I sew and I Ikea has  alot of wonderful textiles for me to work with to round out my space and give it charater. My color story for this room is orange, wine and navy.  I am a big fan of Ikea and it would be such a great honor to have my place transformed with your furniture, lighting and accessories. Thanks for checking out my space and thank you for voting for me :)

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    8 years ago

    Where are the after photos?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    This was for a contest to tell what you would do with $500 worth of merchandise from ikea. There was no need for after pics.