Ikea's Bekvam Step Stool Flat Pack Assembly

Introduction: Ikea's Bekvam Step Stool Flat Pack Assembly

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I have been thinking to publish this first instructable for a while. since it's about one of the cutest and most popular flat packs the Ikea assembly concept has to offer.

The Bekvamstep stool unit is among the most well known and widely used RTA units in Ikea's catalogue, even though we have more than 12 000 items in there. I've seen these flat pack step stools at gas stations, in tiny neighbourhood bakeries, in all sorts of shops as well as educational facilities. The overall comment for this particular montage, compared to some of the other units i have assembled, such as kitchen sets, double wardrobes, bunk beds and etc. - it is a reallysimple assembly.

Step 1: Setting-up Your Broad Board, Parts & Tools

When it comes down to building ready to assemble furniture - this is Rule #1

  1. Clear your broad board.
  2. Deploy all parts so you can see each and all of them.
  3. Group all parts according your flat pack assembly instructions.
  4. Do the same with all tools you have (if).
  5. Make sure you have enough space to assemble the unit.

No matter if you are a professional furniture assembler or this is your first flat pack unit, it is of crucial importance that you have all the space you need. One of the most common cases is to lose ONE screw. #Classic isn't it?

Make sure you can see each piece at all time. If needed move any other furniture to make some space.

Step 2: Montage the Framework

This is not a RTA kitchen set, so you can trust the assembly instruction.

Mount the framework together as shown in the montage manual. In case you need to strengthen the the assembly itself - prepare some glue. Usually people do not dismantle Bekvam step stools so you do not have to worry about any of that.

Timing is of crucial importance though.

If you plan to add glue to your flat pack, make sure you go trough the whole building process really fast. You would not want it to dry off before you have your step stool put together, do you?

Step 3: Adding the Seat

As shown in my pictures, the Bekvam stool assembly is neither complicated, neither hard. Yes, there are some who can not built even the simplest of flat packs, but that's normal. The tricky part is to manage to have all parts fitted together tightly. In order to achieve stability you have leave all screws an bolts no more than 80% fitted. Thus when after all parts are fitted into a whole unit , you can screw in those 20% left, which will eliminate any derivation.

Have in mind that The Ikea assembly process is far from perfect. Quite often parts have defects, sizes do not mach and sometimes parts are missing.

Step 4: Tighten the Flat Pack

As I wrote earlier, it would be of huge significance if you have left 20% off all bolts and screws.

Start by systematically decreasing those buy 2, 3%. all over the You will notice how the whole unit feels and looks tighter and tighter. It is important not to rush it. You would not want to loose your balance and end up having a cracked part, would you? Thought so.

Step 5: The Final Touch of Any Furniture Assembly Is Testing!

Did you made it this far?


As long as you've followed the assembly instructions properly you will certainly have your Bekvam step stool ready for use in no time! Before you can trust it for being stable enough - give it the step stool test and have somebody else do it. Give it a kick or two and you call it a wrap.

In case you have caused terrible damage or this simple assembly is not that simple - get a professional Ikea assembly service.

Step 6: My Favorite Bekvam Step Stool Hacks

Happy usage of your new flat pack!

In case you are ready to take the step stool another step further, here are some of my personal favorite Bekvam flat pack furniture hacks. The cool thing about Ikea flat pack furniture are the endless customization possibilities it offers.

Good luck and have fun with the Bekvam!

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Tried to make this useful and helpful. It's really important to leave all screws a bit loose till you're done with everything else.

    Furniture Assembly
    Furniture Assembly

    Reply 3 months ago

    and you're succeed :)