Lampada Porta Candela/led O Porta Incenso




Introduction: Lampada Porta Candela/led O Porta Incenso

Stampa e ritaglia il carta modello. Puo appoggiarlo su cartone o compensato o materiale alveolare e quindi ripassare con il cutter.

Print and cut out the paper template. You can place it on cardboard or plywood or honeycomb material and then wipe with a knife.

Step 1: Taglio Dei Pezzi

Ritaglia i pezzi usando un cartone ondulato riciclato usando qualche vecchia scatola inutilizzata.

Cut out the pieces using recycled corrugated cardboard using some old box unused.

Step 2: Pezzi Tagliati

Ora hai tagliato tutti i pezzi. Devi solo montarli.

Now you've cut all the pieces. You just have to mount them.

Step 3: Lampada Finita

Ora monta i pezzi e la lampada è terminata. Utilizza una lampada led come lampadina oppure una semplice candela.

Now fit the pieces and the lamp is finished. Use LED as a light bulb or a simple candle.

Step 4: Materiali

Utilizza diversi materiali per realizzare il modello. CARTONE oppure COMPENSATO oppure PP-ALVEOLARE.
Buon divertimento !!!

Uses different materials to build the model. Cardboard or plywood or polypropylene-honeycomb.
Have fun!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice one! Molto interessante, potresti rendere il pdf scaricabile a tutti non ho un account pro e quindi non posso scaricarlo. Grazie in anticipo!
    P.S. come hai elaborato questa struttura!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    sinceramente non saprei come fare


    9 years ago

    ok, cool, but... that may be dangerous... you now, cardboard, fire... but is great for holding stuffs like decorations. also, you can make it whit glass or something like that, and then you can use it as a candle holder. i wanna make one of those, looks great if you put an origami swan or something. nice instructable. oh, and i'm sorry but i don't know a lot of english... or italian.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I really like how this is tagged "cat" and "dog". I guess the tagging system reads (what I am guessing to be italian, but don't be mad at me if I am wrong) about as good as me :)

    I also wonder if there are any language-guidelines for instructables, because it could turn into a right mess if everyone posts in their native language and there is no "language" section/filter.

    Otherwise a welldone instructable - as far as I can see :-)