Introduction: Illuminated Spiderweb Fascinator

Hey everyone! I've been wanting to make this for a while and just for fun almost all of the materials are repurposed from other things. Yes, there are probably better ways of doing this, but since I wanted to repurpose materials this is what I came up with.

Step 1: Supplies(And What They Were)

  • Plastic container(Strawberry container)
  • Cupcake wrapper(I used the Paper Orchid spider one that was left over from a party, it's also laser cut so it adds a tiara like vibe)Wrapper not liner!
  • Printer with magnification abilities
  • Engraving pen
  • Paper(Printer test pages and one sided papers that are no longer needed)
  • Tape
  • Wire(Got it off of some old cardstock shipping tags that I wasn't using)
  • LED and appropriate battery(Got mine off my old Maker Faire project)
  • Ribbon(From one of those velcro straps that come with blankets)
  • Hot glue
  • Decorative trim(Salvaged from an old gift bag)
  • Electrical tape
  • Compass
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Xacto blade

Step 2: Create a Template

Take your cupcake wrapper and using your printer increase the size until it's width is just about 10 inches so that the design won't get cut off when it's printed. Make sure your plastic piece is at least this big. Cut out the pattern roughly and tape it to the underside of the plastic. I ended up cutting the edge of the lid off so that my surface was entirely flat. I also cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol although this prove unecessary.

Step 3: Engrave It

Using your engraving pen engrave the entirety of the design, for me this was all of the black parts. Also engrave the slot since your material likely isn't the same thickness that the slot gets magnified to. You may have to do a few passes in different directions to get that frosted look. Then remove the template and cut it out along the outer edge.

Step 4: Creating the Slot

On the tab where the slot would be, mark where the top and bottom of the slot should be and then using your blade create a small rectangular slot the width of your plastic plus a little bit.

Step 5: Make Your Bases

Using your measuring tape on your closed plastic form, measure the circumference of the bottom and the point where you want your paper design to sit. Using these measurements determine the radii of your circles. Using your compass create templates on paper then cut them out of plastic.(The images above show where I measured mine from)

Step 6: Making the Wire Pieces

Curl your wire into shapes that you like the look of. I did one small curl around the middle for added height and a large one on either side. Glue the pieces aroud the edge of the piece of plastic that you measured for the bottom. The small curl in the middle is going to raise the plastic crown for height. Place the ribbon (I took the velcro off) down across the center in between the wires.

Step 7: Assemble the Base of the Crown

Glue the engraved piece on top of the wires being careful to ensure that the ribbon can still slide freely. Then cover the gap with your trim.

Step 8: Make It Light Up

Wrap electrical tape around the battery and LED, long side of the diode on positive. Then tape it down underneath the ribbon and manipulate the LED into the center. You can really see the difference in effect in daylight and at night in this.

Step 9: Creating the Second Layer

Create four wire pieces that look like z shapes. Then glue them to the underside of the second plastic circle so that the look like to u shape loops. These will go around the ribbon, but won't be permanent so that the LED can be accessed. Then glue or tape the paper liner on top of this.

Step 10: Finish Assembly and Party

Lifting the ribbon, slip it into the loops on the second layer. Then pull on the ribbon to lower into place. I added a hot glue on the plastic of the second layer so that I would have something to grab on later to lift it. Tie it on and enjoy! (sorry that I don't any pictures of people wearing it, I couldn't get anyone to help with pictures at the time) The first image is at night, the second two are during the day.

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