Introduction: I'm Back!

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Hello all you Instructables, DwarvenMithril is back!

it has been a very long time; nearly 3 years since i last uploaded anything, life got in the way big time. Since i last uploaded anything, i graduated from college, moved house twice and was accepted to study at Film School but sadly i couldn't afford it #sadface.

Before i start, i thank you all for subscribing and for over 100,000 views since i started back in 2013...back in the day. please keep on subscribing and keep on viewing.

But i am back, and i have been working hard on some new creations using my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

As you can tell from the thumbnail....

I am building a freaking star destroyer!

Yes; with Force Awakens + Rogue One reviving SW for the 21st century, i have decided to celebrate the new trilogy with a massive star destroyer. So far, only the bridge has been more or less built, but its a good start. throughout the year, i will be uploading updates, since this isn't a small build, i cannot commit too much time to it.

Here is what i have been working on so far....

Step 1: Star Destroyer

Yeah.....its a big one, the biggest yet.

I am running Minecraft PE on my Galaxy S6 Edge, meaning it is just so smooth and easier to use than before, you wouldn't believe that i used to build all my past creations on an Iphone 4, an Iphone 4!

I am basing this particular starship from Rogue One, hence the U-Wing which can be seen barely in the last shot, i will get onto that in a bit. this SD will differ slightly, employing some rather artistic licences.

I have been listening to your comments regarding the seeds, my apologies for not writing them in my prior posts, henceforth i will do so, and provide screenshots to prove i am not faking it (for all you non-believers)

the seed for this build entitled "Rogue One" is -1794655937. this is a multiplayer game, so hopefully you should be able to see it for yourself, if i assume thats how it works.

Step 2: U-Wing

Since this is the Rogue One SD, there will be counter creations surrounding this fallen ship, to create a mannequin diorama.

This U-wing was quite tricky to build; a simple concoction however (stone, white wool, glass and blue wool).

You need to start from the troop transport part first, then build from then. NEVER build from the air first, always nerdpole to your preferred level and expand from the top of that.

for the best military ascetics, use cobblestone to mimic steel walkboards, glowstone lamps for jet thrusters, and nothing beats stone for concrete. stone bricks can sometimes be better than cobblestone at times when it may clash.

use half bricks for canopy tops, cover over the top of the glass; it may look cramped, but glass on glass looks rather bulgy, and full size blocks ruin the look entirely by overwhelming the glass.

The rebellion colours tend to be sporadic and whatever lies around, while the Empire will always stick with white, grey and black, uniform colours. for all you diorama builders, marble compared to wool does not work well in making things white, with wool the colours are bright and simple, without the glossiness of marble.

To create realistic lights, use Sea Lanterns rather than redstone lights or glowstone lights, because they give off the best whiteness and neutral light rather than having a warm orange glow; that just ruins it most of the time.

Step 3: Whats Next Then?

This short but simple slideshow was just to show you all what is to come and what i have been working on. I am aiming to perhaps upload once a month or bimonthly.

What i am planning to do next is to work from the neck of the bridge down to the sub bridge. for now i am only working on the exterior, i do advice to do that for anyone planning to attempt such a feat. dont even think of what the interior will look like; if the exterior looks good, then you have to compromise and work with what you have inside, otherwise it will make your build last so much longer and could affect your exterior if you are constantly altering it.

I do have other works currently under development, mainly another naval build, inspired by the pre-Napoleonic era, full size and full of features like real working cannons, realistic interiors and historical value, the works!

If you have any queries regarding your own works and tips on better building, then please do comment, i do read them, but sometimes it is harder to reply through the instructables site. Tweet me at @thepeoples_nerd or through instagram under the same name, it will be easier to reply then, and if i am not working, an instant reply wont be impossible.

Again, many thanks for all the views and subscribers. i am sorry for not updating for over a couple of years; this short post was merely a notification to let you all know that i am still alive and still building.

See you in April!

- KC