Introduction: Importing Browser Bookmarks Into Microsoft Edge

The Firefox Browser has some issues with the flash player crashing. Updates to flash player do not seem to be helping. Since it is appears to be something within Firefox, I wanted to try a different browser. With the new windows 10 install I was given access to a new browser called EDGE. I decided to try the browser, and so far it doesn't seem to have the issues I was having with Firefox. I decided to import my bookmarks from Firefox. This instructable is the result of what I figured out in order to get this to work.

I also recorded a video which demonstrates the process, can see it here:

Step 1: Export Bookmarks From Firefox

Open Firefox browser.

Click show your bookmarks button

Click Show all book marks

Click Import and backup

Click export Bookmarks to HTML

Name file on your computer drive for later retrieval

Click Save

Close Firefox Browser

Step 2: Import Bookmarks Into Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer

Click View Favorites

Click drop down arrow Add To Favorites

Click Import and Export

Select Import from a File

Click Next

Select Favorites

Click Next

Click Browse and locate the file saved to your drive and select it

Click Next

Click Imports

Click Finish

Bookmarks are located in Internet Explorer

Step 3: Import Bookmarks Into Edge From Internet Explorer

Click Hub where favorites are located

Click Import Favorites, Internet Explorer is your only choice and should be checked

Click Import

You will see all bookmarks appear in your favorites