Improve Your Room - My Room!

Introduction: Improve Your Room - My Room!


Welcome to my entry for the Improve your room, and my first post on instructables!
I hope you like my ideas for my room, and vote it up!

I've finished JUST in time, with hours to spare (There was a fault with my solidworks, i had to reactivate it!) I designed my dream room on solidworks 2013, Student edition. I made every part myself, without using other pre-made parts.

I'm 13 and from the UK, and got the version of solidworks from my school design department. I absolutely LOVE design: its my best subject and for 2 years running got my schools Design award (for being best in my year!). 

So, Good luck to everybody, and time for my Instructable! 

Right now, Im sleeping in a small bedroom, with basic bed facilities. It does its job, but really, is quite boring! I decided to make my dream room full of gadgets and space saving ideas. You can find the download link to the Solid-works file here.

Below is an annotated picture of my room,  which i drew by hand first. The big panoramic window offers a great way to wake up in the morning, without my mum having to yell at me to getup :P
As a space saving idea, i decided that the blind in my room, which can be raised and lowered automatically, should act not only as a blind, but also as a Projector Screen. The blind is one of my main ideas: It blocks out the light from the 1 main window, and as long as the door is closed and the alarm clock off, it will be like a games room.

 The bed is another of my 'Great Ideas'. It moves up and down, depending on whether you want more headroom or not. When its up, it allows for total room underneath the bed area, which lets you work at your desk, and play on your computer. However, when you want to go to bed, you simply turn a key, and pull the bed down To just above computer height. The bed also incorporates a projector which you can turn on when the bed is down, and it will project onto the far end of the wall - the blind which covers the window.

The desk is designed to be unique but practical. The shape is made to curve around a person, while allowing for enough space on the desk, but not too big. The PS4 and the XBOX 1 are just above the desk, on a mount beneath the bed. They are both connected to the projector and the computer screen (which is touchscreen, so the computer is in the monitor,) so you can play PS4 or xbox whenever you want (But, I'd do my homework first!)

The wardrobe is also designed to save space. One of the big problems which lots of people face is doors. I decided i wasn't having any of that door buisness! The Wardrobe doors slide open and dont take up much room, but the door handles are concealed to make it look like the wardrobe opens normally: Style, but practical. The actual wardrobe is embedded in the wall, also to save space.

I think this room is a giant improvement to my currently cramped bedroom. My current room is so small that i have to do all of my work in a different room!

To me this would be ALMOST a perfect room, but its missing one thing. A necessity...

A 3D printer.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm living in a wrong country for sure... a school design compartment?