Introduction: Improving Simple Doorstops With Sugru

At our makerspace we have a lot of simple wood door stops to keep doors propped open. Unfortunately the wood-on-wood action of our doorstops and floors can cause slippage of the doorstop or nasty scuff marks on the floor. A simple solution to this was created using Sugru.

- 1x simple angled piece of wood that fits under a door
- 1x packet of Sugru

Step 1: Apply Sugru to Doorstop

Take a fresh packet of Sugru and evenly apply it all to the enter bottom of your makeshift doorstop.

Step 2: Let Sugru Set

Let the Sugru set for 24 hours. This can be accomplished by setting your new door-stop somewhere where it won't be disturbed.

Step 3: Finished!

Now that your new Sugru enhanced door-stop is set, you can use it to prop open your favorite door on wood floors without worrying about slipping or scratches.