Improving/Fixing My Cassette Mp3 Adaptor



Introduction: Improving/Fixing My Cassette Mp3 Adaptor

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If you have ever used one of these converters then you know they are delicate and if you or a passenger yanks it,  its pretty much game over. I was faced with a recurring problem of these things breaking, getting slammed in doors and also not being long enough so I decided to make an instructable to save people that 20$ replacement fee.


Soldering Iron- rosin core audio solder for best results
Screwdriver- a really small one
Scissors, knife, wire strippers, or teeth... your choice
Hot glue gun- glue stick

New extra strong cord with jack.

Step 1: Cut and Disassemble

Repairing this is pretty self explanatory, but make sure you CAREFULLY pull the cassette apart or else the gears and small pieces will go flying everywhere(it happened to me the first time.) To avoid this take a detailed picture BEFORE you start doing anything. 

Step 2: Solder New Wire

Step 3: Strengthen and Reassemble

Now its passenger proof and sounds great. If you don't know much about audio electronics just know that if you want to use longer cord then the mp3 volume will need to be much louder to cover the distance. Otherwise add a portable pocket amp etc. Happy fixing. 

Also I will add a video of it working next time I'm in my car

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