Introduction: Improvised Garlic Grater From Plastic Bottle

Basically I keep torturing plastic bottles, and if you're not aware of my previous attempts of making something useful for kitchen out of PET bottles, here's an instructable for you:


Anyway, the idea for this project is based on Alokin's video called "Мыло туриста" (Tourists Soap), so I recommend to go and watch his video. I had some other ideas of implementing this technique, but this one seamed to be the most reasonable one. So today I'll show you how to make improvised garlic grater out plastic bottle.

Step 1:

Firstly, find some rather large plastic bottle and cut a 5-7cm wide loop out of it.

Step 2:

Then grab your sewing machine and take the thread out. Use rather thich needle and set the regulators to get rathed dense stitching. I used narrow zig-zag stitching with 3mm step. "Sew" all over one half of the loop.

The idea is to cover one half of the loop with multiple holes, and sewing machine can make the process quick and easy. But if you don't have a sewing machine or don't want to torture the one you possess, you can poke holes manualy with push pin or thin sharp awl.

Step 3:

When you're done, turn the loop inside out. It can take some struggling/ but if it's too hard, just cut the loop to make it narrower and tri again - it should help.

Now you can see, that the holes have creater ridged points on the back side of the material.

Step 4:

Find a saucer fits inside the loop rather snuggly and pull the loop on it.

Step 5:

Place the saucer into bigger bowl and pour some boiling hot water ontop of it. Hot water will make the plastic to shrink and the loop will firmly "hug" the plate. Leave it to stay in hot water for a few moments and put it out to dry after.

There's a bunch of of other ways, you can shrink the plastic: you can put it in the owen or heat it with a heat gun. I also tryed to pour some water into a saucer and heat the whole thing up in a microwawe for couple of minutes... It kind of worked, but not as good as the method I'm showing.

Step 6:

And now you have it. It works, although, I think you can tinker a bit with hole size and placemend for greater efficiency. You, probably, can use it to peal potatoes on carrots as well. It's pretty durable, so can easyly be used multiple times, it cleans easily and the plastic is food friendly.

So, hope you liked the project, this is it for today, thanks for your attention and grate some garlic.

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