Increase Stapling Depth of Your Stapler




Introduction: Increase Stapling Depth of Your Stapler

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Sometimes I want to Staple pieces of cardboard together but i can't because standard staplers have a short stapling depth.

In this short instructable, I will show you how I improved its design.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  • A Stapler.
  • Cooking tweezers.
  • Double compound epoxy.
  • A masking tape.
  • Small metal saw.
  • A metal file.
  • A Glue clamp

Step 2: Cut and File the Stapler

Cut the stapler in 2 and file it with the metal saw, also from above and bottom to ensure that the epoxy sticks better.

Step 3: Glue It

Prepare the epoxy and spread a generous layer on the top and bottom of the stapler, then align the tweezers on it and clamp them together.

Optional but Important: You need to align the staple bender ( the metal piece on the bottom part of the stapler ) to the top part where the staples come so that when you staple them, they close correctly...if they don't align correctly, you 'll end up with a crocked stapler :D.

Let it dry for an hour or so.


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    6 years ago

    I tried to make something similar to this about 15 years ago (using some flat steel welded to a strap hinge with a standard stapler) and just wound up ruining a decent stapler, etc. Your method probably works better, but you can buy what they call a "long-reach stapler" from Amazon or eBay for not too much more than a regular decent stapler ($12-25). These have an adjustable stop on them that allows you to put the staples where you want them (as in to make booklets). Either way, while they are great when you need one, most people don't use them very often and they're a pain to store,


    Reply 6 years ago


    That's a great idea!