Incredibly Easy Filament Bracelet

Introduction: Incredibly Easy Filament Bracelet

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Looking for a quick way to jazz up your look without going shopping for new accessories?

If you've spent time 3D printing, you know that there is often a bit of leftover filament on the spool that isn't really enough to start a new print with. I usually save this filament for projects I make with my 3D printing pen.

One day, however, as I was taking the last bits back to my stash, I slipped the rings around my wrist while I answered one of my student's questions. After promptly forgetting I had put it there, I got a few compliments on my incredibly simple new bangle bracelet and thought I should share this idea with others.

While many people focus on how to 3D print intricate designs for jewelry, one unexpected use for the filament is to use it raw to create a nice-looking, casual bracelet.


  • Leftover filament from the end of a spool
  • Optional: A small piece of masking tape

(Note: You can use filament that is not simply the leftovers from the end of a spool, but it will not have the same tightly-coiled structure you will get from the last bits on a spool.)

Step 1: Start With the Filament

Remove the filament from the end of the spool when there are still at least 4-10 coils of filament left.

Step 2: Size the Bracelet

Slide the filament coils onto your wrist to check for size. If you would prefer a tighter fit, overlap the ends of the coils until it has the fit you prefer and secure it with a small piece of transparent tape.

Step 3: Try Some Different Variations

And that's it!

If you want to take it a little further, you can try some different variations of this bracelet by twisting the rings or adding beads, etc. to the filament itself.

Happy Making!

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