Introduction: Incredibly Simple Lego Ipod Stand

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Im guessing since you clicked on this instructable you want to learn how to make a lego stand? Well here's what you'll need: • 3 2x4 lego brick • 1 1x4 lego peice Optional: • more 2x4 lego bricks if you want the stand to be taller. ** this stand can be used horizontally and sometimes vertically (it really depends on the weight of your ipod, if your ipod has a wavy case on then it can't be put on vertically, if it bare and has no extra accessories then it will stand vertically) *** also note that i made this for the Ipod Touch 4th generation, im sure older versions would work as well, but im not sure if the iPod touch 5g would work with it but it doesn't hurt to try.

Step 1: Base

Put the two 2x4 bricks side by side.

Step 2: Back

This will be the back of the stand. Take your last 2x4 brick and attach it horizontally from the two vertical bricks that are side by side. Note that if you have a case on your ipod instead use a 1x4 and attach it to the back.

Step 3: The Front

Take your 1x4 and attach it to the front. This will be in front of your screen when you insert your ipod, but no worries it won't block much of the screen

Step 4: Taller Stand

If you want a taller (is that even a word? :P) stand you want to get more 2x4 bricks, here i used 4. All you need to do is attach them to the bottom as shown.

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