Introduction: Indian Bridal Hairstyles Step by Step - Simple & Trendy Best Bridal Hairstyles for Wedding Brides

Indian Bridal Hairstyles Step By Step - Simple & Trendy Best Bridal Hairstyles for Wedding Brides

Now we are going to do the south Indian bridal hairstyle. Lets do the south Indian bridal hairstyle, may be to take a high bun and high puff here and a bun here along with other than a long braid here, exactly like how the south Indians do. So first we will do the center partition side partition and hold back. Today we are going to do it with the center partition. As before, leave the front hair and both the side front hair to be kept aside and the crown hair, now we are going to introduce a puff here, keep taking all the sections and keeping it in the front you will have to come till this area create a line start taking sections and back combing again take a section small small sections and comb it back. Keep taking sections keep combing back. Now the last section I think we have reached and we can see the front spray, spray helps to hold this both sides. Now its time for the sides. Again sides we will take it till here ,section it back comb now spray smooth en the upper area, same thing we have to do it on the right side again sections spray and now smooth en it out. again leave one curl here some section to finally curl smooth en the hair take the sides create a puff take a rubber band and put it here its the bun take bobby pins and bobby pins to be put in criss cross way front can be tucked in the same area. now again from the front Matt it with here backside with the puff and tuck it with the bobby pin loosen it onto the side, am just pressing it and pin it tightly. now put a tight ponytail without disturbing the front hair Put plaits put the plaits till the end and put a rubberband and open up one side now just rolll it up and put u pins , now we are attaching the hair braided supplement to make a big bun. take a bobby pin and the combination of U clips and bobby pins will hold it well. Now its time to roll Put all this inside this bun. the more number of u clips the better for the hold. from all the four sides has to be covered with u clips and bobby pins here we have a jewellery to attach on the bun