Introduction: Indian Burger : Vada Pav !!

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Vada Pav.......yuuuummm....  Mouth just starts watering at the name of it....

Spending all my college years in mumbai, a place where one can get vada pav at almost every corner of the street, It had become out savior for all the hunger pangs we were facing during out long assignment periods, long travel or be it just a small break between two lectures. It is, unofficially of course, like the national food of Mumbai.

Step 1: Lets Collect 'em.

Ingredients & Supplies


1) Potatoes                      : 1/2 kg
2) Oil                                 : 1tspn
3) Green Chilies             : 4- 5 nos
4) Lemon                         : 1 nos
5) Ginger                          : 1" cube
6) Coriander leaves       : half bowl chopped
7) Curry Leaves               : 8-10 leaves
8) Salt                                : to taste
9) Mustard Seeds           : 1/2 tspn
10) Asafoetida                 : Pinch

Batter for coating:
1) Gram Flour              : 1 bowl
2) Oil                              : 1tspn
3) Baking soda            : Pinch
4) Lemon                      : 3-4 drops
5) Salt                            : to taste
6) Water                        : 1/2 cup ( add slowly till thick pouring consistency)

For Frying:

1) Oil                              : for deep frying

Garlic Chutney:

1) Garlic Cloves                     : 6-8 cloves
2) Red Chilli Powder            : 2 tspn
3) Salt                                      : to taste

Green Chutney:

1) Coriander Leaves            : 1 bowl
2) Green Chilies                   : 5-6 nos
3) Ginger                                : 1" cube
4) Lemon                               : 1 nos
5) Cashew nut                      : 10-15 pieces
6) Salt                                     : to taste

Sweet Chutney:

1) Dates                                : 1 bowl cleaned
2) Lemon                              : 2 tspn
3) Cumin Seeds                  : 1/2 tspn
4) Salt                                    : To taste

Obviously, bread buns.


1) A mixer grinder
2) Bowls  2 nos.
3) Deep frying pot
4) Knife
5) Your hands & getting them dirty.

Step 2: Lets Start Wid the Main : the Vada

It all starts with the potatoes.

Boil 'em, let 'em cool & remove the peel.

Mash 'em good.

Take green chilies & ginger and mix them up in a mixture. Add it to your potatoes.

Add salt & squeeze the lemon in it.

Clean the coriander leaves and add half of them in the mixture.

Step 3: As I Like to Call It: Tadka Tyme.

In a small vessel, Heat the oil.

Add the mustard seeds.

When they crackle, add the asafoetida

Add curry leaves & coriander leaves and saute for a few seconds.

Pour this in your potato mixture.

Let it cool.

Step 4: Preparing the Batter for Coating.

In a small bowl,

Add Gram flour, Salt, oil, Baking soda & little bit of lemon (the white fizz you see below is coz of the lemon)

Add water and mix it up.

Note: Lemon is a secret ingredient. It  helps in keeping the vadas on a lighter side when fried.

Keep it aside.

Step 5: Getting the Vada's Ready for Frying

Take your potato mixture, which should be a little cool by now, and mix it all up.

Divide it into equal portions and give it a nice round shape. Make it big.

Take each of your vada and dip it into the batter. make sure its evenly coated on all sides.

Deep fry it in hot oil till it is properly cooked on all the sides.

Repeat this step with all the vada's and then remove it on an absorbent paper.

Step 6: Chutney's

Green Chutney:

Clean the coriander & ginger.

Add all the ingredients in a mixture and make it go zoom zoom.

Follow the similar steps for garlic chutney( this is the spicy one) & sweet chutney

Note: this can be made in bulk and can be kept in the freezer for later use.

Mix one tablespoon of each in a separate bowl.

Step 7: Final Product !

Take the bread bun and slice it in the middle till 3/4th of it is open.

Add the mixed chutney on it on both the sides.

Place the vada inbetween.

Start enjoying.

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