Indoor Garden in the North

Introduction: Indoor Garden in the North

Welcome to gardening indoors where we have a shortened outdoor growing season.

Here you will see how easy it is to stay stocked up on fresh vegetables all year!


Container- I like to re-purpose. I use everything from a mushroom container to a tofu container. Just keep in mind how big your root system will be and accommodate those needs.

Soil- Get a good plant mix. Outdoor dirt will not work.

Watering can- Again I re-purpose. An empty milk or juice container will work just fine.

Seeds- this is where we can be creative. You can buy seeds from the store or harvest seeds from your past crops.

Step 1: Start Your Seeds.

Start your seeds in potting mix. I like to wet the dirt until it is damp and then plant my seeds. Every plant likes different conditions. Tomatoes like to dry out before being watered. I water my tomatoes every 2-3 days. Zucchini are like the camel in the plant world. I water them every 1-2 days. The temperature will play a role in how often you need to water.

Step 2: Watch Your Seeds Grow Into Mature Plants.

Plant in a south facing, sunny window. If you are limited with sun exposure add an led grow light for your plants. Each plant will need a different amount of sun or led grow light exposure. Research the amount of time needed for your plant.

Pictured above:

Tomatoes without a grow light and with one.

Spinach, Green Onions, Rosemary, and Cilantro


To keep control of the zucchini, I trim off the leaves so all of the energy goes to the plant and the crop.

Step 3: Re-purpose a Container to Hold Your Water.

I premix my fertilizer in a re-purposed container. I used an old milk jug.

Step 4: Fertilize

I use Fertilome 20-20-20 for plants that are going to bloom, such as tomatoes. This will enhance the deep green foliage and promotes large blooms. As much as people love a water diet, plants can be the same way, they want some hearty nutrition. Fertilome gives them a boost to promote growth. We love a good healthy plant. That is what we are here for....right!?!

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