Introduction: Indoor Garden or Terrarium

I love having green things in my house, unfortunately so does my wife's cat (he thinks he is a vegetarian). So when my beardie outgrew this aquarium, I knew I needed to do something with it. Then along came the contest, and I had to enter!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Things you need:

  • 1-10 gallon aquarium. I purchased mine from for $10. I got my use out of it while my beardie was growing. :)
  • 1 gallon or so of HydroBalls. I got mine from the local hydroponics store; a 50 pound bag was $30ish.
  • Screen - common household screen, left over from making some screens.
  • Substrate mix - I mixed some sand from my yard and some potting soil we had laying around the yard from another gardening project.
  • Plants - whatever you would like. I have several I purchased at HomeDepot, as well as some ferns from my yard.
  • Decorations - again, whatever you would like. I have an old bird house that was never used (I ultimately decided that it is too big for the tank) and a garden gnome from the Dollar Store.

Step 2: Clean the Tank

Like I said, the tank I used had my bearded dragon in it. I scraped some tape residue from the outside and cleaned inside and out with Windex. Make sure to rinse it well.

Step 3: Put in False Bottom

Take your HydroBalls or pebbles or whatever you have around and put about a half inch layer in the bottom of the tank. This is to give any excess water a place to go, so your plant roots are not sitting in water.

Step 4: Add Dirt

I put down a piece of screen, so that there is a permeable barrier between the HydroBalls and the dirt. We want to keep the roots out of the water....

Step 5: Arrange Plants

Arrange your plants until they suit you. I left the Schefflera in the pot, as it will likely become too big to fit comfortably in the tank. But that's OK, because in the next step I am going to add mulch.

Step 6: Add Mulch and Decorate!!

Like I said, I added mulch to cover up the dirt to retain moisture. I also wanted it to look woodland-ish for my Florida Glass Lizard Florida Glass Lizard (really, he is in there, but has already gone under the mulch).

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