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Hell o to everyone its me theG along with some tips and tricks for your indoor gardening so lets get started

Step 1: I Need Some Water

Nobody like to return home and seeing dead decaying plant or brown plant with no water next time leave them with water babysitter
, how to make one just take a glass bottles fill it with water and put upside down in vase

Step 2: Bob, I Need Some Sponge

Put down a sponge in the bottom of the vase it will collect excessive water and plant will continue to drink if you forget to water it

Step 3: And Some Coffee

Coffee is rich in nutrients so mix it with your plant soil for better growth

Step 4: Hey Its Raining

No not now but Sometimes rainwater is good for your plants, collect them in bucket and give some spray on them (you are also doing some water saving, so dont forget you are a savior too)

Step 5: Ahhhh Mosquito

Can you see this. To get rid of them please take an lavender plant in your home

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