Introduction: Indoor Green Wall

I recently made an interior plant wall to bring some green into my house.

The wall is 1m width for 2.5m tall including the water tank.

There is around 55 plants (9cm pots) and 25 plants (6cm pots)

The water tank can contains 100l


  • PVC expanded plate, size of your choice (here 1m x 2m) at least 10mm thickness
  • Some piece of metal for the frame
  • Drip hose
  • Horticultural felt
  • Some gardening connecting pieces
  • Water pump
  • Water tank
  • Stainless staples
  • Waterproof rivets
  • Sphagnum
  • Plants
  • Angles PVC for finishing
  • Gutter

Step 1: Build the Frame

You will need to build the frame to hang the plate on the wall.
I use rivets to fix it. Then I hung the PVC plate with waterproof rivets.

Then, I covered the rivet heads with silicone.

Step 2: Hydro Stuffs

Put the first layer of felt on the plate and fix it with staples.

Then set up your irrigation system. Cover with a second layer of felt, fix the assembly with staples. Apply a third layer of felt. You will cut pockets to put the plants inside.

Step 3: Green It !

Now is the time to add green into your home!
Cut the third layer with scissors to create pockets and put the plant inside with sphagnum. Then put staples to hang it.

Step 4: Final

Now let Mother Nature do the work for you.
Rest and look at your beautiful wall. I spray the wall every 3 days with a programmable plug. As a bonus, you can add an aquarium at the bottom.

Look at these shrimps !

I covered the tank with stones plates.

Bonus: I added strips LED on each edges !

Step 5: Plants

Here is the list of some plants I used for this project.

  • Asplenium nidus
  • Asplenium crispy
  • Asparagus sprengeri
  • Asparagus plumosus
  • Asparagus falcatus
  • Pteris
  • Nephrolepsis
  • Ficus pumila
  • Philodendron
  • Spathiphyllum
  • Chamaedorea
  • Ctenanthe
  • Fittonia
  • Chlorophytum

The wall faces south with two large bay windows

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