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Introduction: Indoor S'mores Hearth

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S'mores are no longer an outdoor campfire warm weather treat.

Step 1: Simple Stuff

S'mores longtime treat of campers was once reserved for smokey campfires and warm summer nights is delicious gooey, crunchy, chocolatey desert, and with a few simple things from around the house, a DIY alcohol burner, some stones and s'more fixins'--you can enjoyed this treat year around.

Step 2: S'mores Hearth

Use a cake pan and add a layer of sand place the alcohol burner to the outside of the pan to leave an open area for the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. Place your stones in a pleasing way.

Step 3: Add Fuel--Safety First

Add Alcohol to burner and light. WARNING---WARNING---Never ever add fuel to a flaming burner. Always ensure the flame is out and cool before adding alcohol. A square of folded aluminum foil can be kept near by to snuff the flame.

The alcohol burner is a simple container made from an aluminum bottle but any fire proof container that will hold one oz. of fuel will work. A 97% isopropyl alcohol works best.

Step 4: Skewer Toast Enjoy

Skewer your marshmallow and toast it to a golden brown or burnt if you like it that way. Then build your chocolate treat.

Step 5: Store for Next Time

Sand, stones and burner can be stored. On those cold days that keep you inside you can have the taste of the outdoors by just opening up a jar.

Step 6: Enjoy

Mmmmmm Mmm Mmm

Step 7: Campfire Mode

Indoor S'mores Hearth can be used outside for a small charming fire. Place the hearth in an open area away from combustible material. Remove burner and fill pan with alcohol enough to cover sand. Light--fire starts slow but once going it will last for ten minutes. Remember--Insure there is no flame and stones have cooled before refueling.

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    That looks really good! Great project!


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    Thank you