Inexpensive 20 Minute Engine Detail - 3 Steps




Introduction: Inexpensive 20 Minute Engine Detail - 3 Steps

In this instructable I am going to show you how to detail your engine in less than 20 minutes. I learned this from a friend at a local BMW dealership. The first thing you will need is two common items found at your local automotive store or can order online using the links below. You will also need access to a pressure washer or DIY car wash.

Items needed:

Foaming Engine Degreaser

Armor All

Plastic bags (cover electronics and air intake)

Step 1: Cover Your Electronics

Locate any items that can be damaged by water such as exposed electronics or air intake and cover these items as shown in the photos.

(Note: Honda motors equipped with DOHC allows water to seep in through the spark plug wire cover and will pool up near the spark plug causing spark not to be delivered to the plug. I fixed this with compressed air.)

Step 2: Degrease

Using the foaming engine degreaser, spray down the entire motor and/or engine bay and allow it to soak in for about 10-15 minutes.

(Note: it is best to do this when the motor is cool/warm, but not hot. Plan accordingly.)

Step 3: Rinse & Shine

Now that the engine has been degreased and has soaked it is time to use the pressure washer to get rid of all that gunk. Make sure to start from the top and work down, be cautious around your covered items and electronics.

Once this is done and your motor is nice and wet you will want to use your Armor All to spray down your motor and components. You must do this while wet, it will not look good at first but the water will help it spread evenly. Once the water burns off (2-3 hours), you will be left with a beautiful shine.

(Note: I did not take any pictures while I was pressure washing or spraying Armor All as I did not want to damage my phone.)

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    4 years ago

    As a mechanic(that also happens to work behind a DIY car wash). Don't use a pressure washer. You will force water into the connectors that can cause a short....I see it all the time. Use a hose..rinse repeat or take it to a Pro who uses a steamer.


    Reply 4 years ago

    You are correct, that is why I stated to try avoid spraying electronics. I have used a hose (and a brush) the hose alone doesn't cut through the grease as well. My old neighbor had a pressure steamer and that thing worked amazing. Been doing it this way for 15 years