Infinity Press Kinetic Art - GHOSTKUBE

Introduction: Infinity Press Kinetic Art - GHOSTKUBE

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Ghostkube Is a Kinetic Sculpture Based on Moving Origami by Erik Åberg from Stockholm, Sweden. I already done a project in that one Ghost Box Helmet Kinetic Art - Ghostkube. After that i see this in his web site Infinity press. Now a days kids and adults use Fidget top POP it. This is also a Fidget Toy and a Kinetic art. U able to press it infinity and it it transform to next push position. But it take some time to study which are the box are link. But it finally come out very superb. Kids like it very much.

Step 1: Materials Required

Materials Required

1) Corrugated Cube Boxes - 3" X 3" X 3" - 16Nos ( I purchase 3L X 3W X 3H Inch Reverse Tuck Brown Carton Single Wall - 3 Ply from

2) 2" Cello Tape.

3) 1" Cello Tape.


1) Scissors

2) Craft knife.

Step 2: Plan

First as per the video from youtube Ghostkube. I arrange the boxes first and check the movement step by step and mark the links in the tinkercad.

Step 3: Plan in Tinkercard

Use the Tinker card to find where the joints in tinker cad. Whole movement is divided into 4 parts. 4 Box joints are marked as Red cylinder and link between 4 parts are marked as Blue Cylinder.

Step 4: Make Boxes

Make the Boxes. I use the same boxes used in my last project Ghost Box Helmet Kinetic Art - Ghostkube. Make 16 boxes.

Step 5: Join Step1

1) Split the project into similar Parts. 4 single similar parts make this project complete.

2) Make the similar parts first.

3) 4 Box needed to make this part.

4) Joint the 4 boxes as shown in the figure.

5) Join the First and last box.

Step 6: Make 4 Similar Joints

Make 4 Similar joints as like previous step.

Step 7: Final Join Step2 (only 4 Joints)

1) Picture 1 - As per first image plan. the boxes want to connect are marked as similar colors. And joints are extended in blue color. There are only 4 joints to complete the project.

2) Picture 2 - with out joint arrange the boxes as like final out put.

3) Picture 3,4,5 - First joint as marked as orange in the first picture.

4) Picture 6 - Second joint marked as Green in the first picture.

5) Picture 7 - Third joint marked as Pink in the first picture.

6) Picture 8 - Fourth joint marked as Blue in the first picture.

7) Picture 9 - All the joints are complete.

8) Picture 10 - Use tape over the joints to increase the strength and look.

Step 8: Joint in Video

Last four joints are in video.

Step 9: Final Test Video

Step 10: Final Video

Its very fun for kids. And its a chain reaction. Joining more cubes make more movements. Try more joints and post it here.

I joint with this world and all to pray god for all those who are in hospitals to recover soon.
Lot more projects to enjoy...............Don't forgot to comment and encourage me friends.

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Leon Ward
Leon Ward

1 year ago

Do you think this will work using wooden blocks and hinges???


Reply 1 year ago

Yeah Sure Sir. Its also very stable because of weight. But the fitting of hinges is very important it never increase the space between the cubes when fold on both sides. Cube walls want to be flat. Try it sir its really superb. Lot of motions you find in the net. Search as GHOSTKUBE. We also able to make transformable furniture with this.


Question 1 year ago on Step 2

Hello, I love this project. Can you tell me where you can get those boxes?