Insanely Satisfying Electric Motor

Introduction: Insanely Satisfying Electric Motor

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This electric motor takes only a few steps and three components. It can sit on your desk and it lasts about 2 hours (depends on the battery used.)

Step 1: The Motor

To do this simple thing, you need,

1 double A battery

1 large magnet

1 piece of copper wire (5-6 cm long)

First place the battery on the magnet so the positive side is pointing up. Then put an indent in the top with pliers (sorry no picture!) Next bend the wire to fit around the battery and hook into the indent at the top. Make sure the bottom of the wire is loosely brushing the magnet. Now it start turning, but it might need a small push. And your done! This can sit on your desk and entertain you for approximately 2 hours and it looks really satisfying. This is also a fun safe project for little kids.

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