Inspired King Louie Temple Chair ( Jungle Book)




Introduction: Inspired King Louie Temple Chair ( Jungle Book)

Next month my son turns 3 and he specifically asked for a jungle book party ( his favorite animated movie) I thought about trying to do some sort of a little King Louie scene for photos and such, I was inspired by his very ornate temple throne, The only thing I knew is that I wanted to work with paper play for texture and I've never worked with it, the only thing I usually work with is paper maché
so I decided to give it s go and see where it went.

(This was put together quite quickly, it's an easy way to have a little photo scene setter (if u will) for your little ones birthday party, this can apply to jungle themes, Safari, jungle book etc)


Measuring cup 1 cup
Flour( bleached)
White glue
All purpose joint compound
Cool looking cardboard with a shape already I recommend the one that comes with eggs ( awesome)
Spray paint( sand) or block acrylic paint

Now these are the formulas you will need to complete this project:

Paper mache mixture:

All purpose flour
Elmer's glue
Bowl ( specifically for this , DO NOT USE THIS BOWL FOR ANYTHING WITH FOOD)

Paper clay:

Tupperware with lid ( please don't use this for any thing else than this )
Paper pulp
Joint compound 1 cup
1 cup of paper mache mixture
And refrigerate for 24 hours before use
It holds the mold faster and way easier to work with.

Paper pulp:

Shredded newspaper 1 cup
Pieces of cardboard 1 cup
Boiling water
Let all this sit for 24 hours , squeeze excess water out , keep doing this until you get a very fine almost nothing feel to it . When it's ready it'll look like little clumps of paper pour it in your clay mixture.

Step 2: So Much Cardboard ... and Tape

Start by finding a chair.... Any chair... Big , small , whatever, now cover it with cardboard and tape , make it nice and sturdy!

Step 3: Cover It

Cover it in its entirety with paper mache( for strength) let it dry completely between layers.....COMPLETELY

Step 4: Cover It in Paper Clay

Cover it completely with paper play... Find a nice big stunning cardboard with a shape, I recommend egg cartons the ones that come in boxes they have a gnarly design to them, also twirl a lot of sheets of paper, soAk em in paper mache mixture and apply directly , play around with the design of the back board...BE CREATIVE

Step 5: Dry, Decorate, Paint

Now that it's completely dry, paper clay and all, spray paint it, make sure it's in a ventilated area, and I'd use two cans for this( I ran out with one) wait 15 minutes till dry, use your brown to kinda bring out the details in it, let it dry and set, and your done can seal it with a matte finishing spray .

Now Enjoy , and take lots of cute pics!

( don't forget to check out other jungle animals I made for his bday in the other ibles!!)

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    4 years ago

    Thank you so much!! :)


    4 years ago

    Fantastic project! I'm sure this is going to make a great photo spot. Thanks for sharing


    4 years ago

    thank you so much!!! I tried really hard lol


    4 years ago

    When I saw the first photo, I seriously thought this was concrete! Really clever work here!