Introduction: InstaMorph- Stress Reliever ;)

How to get rid off stress while messing around and having fun with Instamorph!

Step 1: Get Instamorph

You can get some here:

Step 2: Cook Your Instamorph.

Cook your Instamorph in 150°F water. Further cooking instructions here:

Step 3: Make a Representation of Your Stress.

Make something that represents your stress. For example, if you have problems at work and your a teacher, make an apple. ;)
Let's say you have a problem with people being manipulative. The following steps will show you how to make the above snake.

Step 4: Make the Basket

Flatten your Instamorph by pulling with your hands our by a rolling pin. Then, using some circular thing like a jar, form the basket and cut off the top so it's smooth.

Step 5: Make the Snake (part 1)

Take some Instamorph and roll it into a tube. Make one end slightly thicker for a head. Then carve in designs so it looks like snakeskin. (I just carved in crisscrosses)

Step 6: Make the Snake (part 2)

Make a tongue and add eyes.

Step 7: Add the Snake to the Basket.

Dip the snake's body into the water for a few seconds so it's warm. (Don't put it in for too long or your snake will become distorted). Then wrap it around your basket.

Step 8: Destroy Your Stress

Take your now finished representation of stress and put it back in the hot water. Watch as it become distorted and melts away. Then mash it up in the water. Fold your Instamorph so that pockets full of hot water form in the Instamorph.

Step 9: Make Your Ball

After you've made pockets, take out the Instamorph and form it into a ball. The outside will cool faster than the inside filled with pockets of hot water. Then apply it to an aching muscle and lightly massage it.

Step 10: Make an Instructable of Your Instamorph!

Share what you made!