Install Hot Bodies Fender Eliminator on CBR250R

Introduction: Install Hot Bodies Fender Eliminator on CBR250R

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This is an instructable video of my installation of the Hotbodies Fender Eliminator kit on my 2013 Honda CBR250RA motorcycle. This kit has a bracket that is known to crack easily because it was not designed to hold the weight of the stock lights. I replaced the stock lights with after market mini lights which are shorter and lighter.

This installation wasn’t easy because the disassembly part was so difficult. Installing the new fender was easy. The mini lights only drew 2 watts of power causing the bike’s burnout indicator to go off by hyperflashing. In a future video, I will install resistors to correct that.

I hope I don’t have to replace my license plates often because I would have to disassemble the fender to get to the mounting screws.

I hope this installation will help those who want to install a similar product.


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