Install Zwave Soft Remote on TimeSquAir

Introduction: Install Zwave Soft Remote on TimeSquAir

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A 3-minute recipe to install the Zwave Soft Remote on TimeSuAir


  • 1 TimeSquAir (Link)
  • 1 Zwave Soft Remote (Link)


  • Recipe "Install Zwave on TimeSquAir"

Step 1: Recipe

1- Pair the Zwave soft remote to the Zwave USB Stick

  • Press the Zwave USB stick button
  • It blinks blue
  • Long press the "ON" and the "Plus" buttons of the Zwave soft remote
  • It blinks pink
  • Long press the "ON" button of the Zwave soft remote
  • It blinks green

2- Plug the Zwave USB stick

3- Reboot Node-RED

4- Press a button of the soft remote

5- The Zwave soft remote's node appears after a browser refresh

You're done!

Step 2: Example 1

Display a message on the TimeSquair LED display when a button of the soft remote is pressed

Simply put a flow with :

  • the soft remote's node
  • a "Set" node with the desired message
  • the LED display node

After activation, the message will display on the LED panel when the soft remote is pressed

Step 3: Example 2

  • You can distinguish all the different button press scenarios:
  • Short single press
  • Double press
  • Long press
  • Release
  • The 4 different button (ON, OFF, Plus, Minus)

Use a switch to select th desired press scenario

Here are the disfferent values :

  • Single ON: 10
  • Double ON: 13
  • Long ON: 12
  • Release ON: 11
  • Single OFF: 30
  • Double OFF: 33
  • Long OFF: 32
  • Release OFF:31
  • Single Plus: 20
  • Double Plus: 23
  • Long Plus: 22
  • Release Plus: 21
  • Single Minus: 40
  • Double Minus: 43
  • Long Minus: 42
  • Release Minus: 41

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