Install an After Market Android Unit for Nissan Elgrand E51



Introduction: Install an After Market Android Unit for Nissan Elgrand E51

Install a new android 10 unit into a Nissan Elgrand can be quite time consuming if you don’t know what to do. This article aims to simply the process and give clarity to whoever wants to attempt to the project.


Android 10 unit from AliExpress

ISO to Nissan 10pin 6pin harness

Nissan radio atena

Wiring connector

RCA splinter for subwoofer


Step 1: Take Apart Centre Console

Follow the instructions from this YouTube video

Step 2: Use ISO Harness and Wiring

use a nissan 10pin 6pin to ISO harness in between. However, the nissan did not provide a ground pin, you will need to connect the ground pin from the ISO harness to a screw to ground it.

in addition, the illumination pin from the ISO harness should be connected to the Illumination wire on the unit.

Step 3: Connect SWC Wires

there is a 16pin connector which was used on the factory unit for satellite signal, but it carries three wires for Steering Wheel Control (SWC). Once connected, all buttons on your steering work should work except pick up phone and a voice button.

use the video below as a guide, but for this android 10 unit, the SWC functions exist under Settings -> Car infortaiment -> SWC instead as an app shown in the video.

Step 4: Dry Run on the New Unit

Take off the brackets from the factory stereo unit and refit them on the new unit, they should be an exact fit. connect all the wires and test the unit, pay attention to GPS, bluetooth and wifi connectivity.

and insert the unit into position and screw the top two screws.

Step 5: Fit the After Market Facia

fitting the aftermarket facia is very straight forward. follow the steps below.

- screw on the A/C control buttons to the facia

- plugin the emergency indicator light button

- place the new unit into the 2-DIN opening, secure the two screws on the bottom holding together by a metal strip. at this point, the unit will appear a little loose.

- tidy up the wiring and connectors, and insert the unit along with facia into place, and secure the top/bottom eight screws

everything should be fitted properly by this point, and no loose point with the new unit.

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    Question 8 months ago on Introduction

    hi could you confirm that the reversing camera and the side camera still worked after the install of the Android 10 unit from AliExpress to the e51 Elgrand


    Answer 8 months ago

    Everything works, the stereo change does not affect any other functionality, there is a spectate unit behind the glovebox that drives everything else