Introduction: Installing Racktime Add-it Rack on a Shocke Spark E-bike

The Spark E-Bike from Shocke is just hitting the streets and pretty much comes ready for the commuter to go out of the box. I ordered a bunch of stuff while I was waiting for the bike to be delivered, I found out after the fact that some of the things I ordered just would not work with the bike as it came.

Tools required-

Allen key set, mostly 4, 5 and 6MM wrenches

Socket wrench with 8mm socket


Step 1: Racktime Racks

I love the Racktime Black Box, but Racktime uses a proprietary connection on their racks for trunk bags, with 4 pins and a quick detach lever (in green).

Simply installing the Racktime on the bike puts the rack too close to the seat. The Black Box is rigid and the seat needs to be raised quite high to allow it to be attached. Some panniers may also be too far forward, getting in the was of the backstroke as you pedal.

Step 2: The Lower Support

The rack that comes on the bike has an adjustable strut, I used this to make an extension. Two f the holes in the strut have close* to the same spacing as the 2 threaded holes on the frame for the rack and the fender. However, the strut strikes part of the frame and won't let you get close enough to get the screws started, so you need to bend it.

*Close, but not exact, you will need to start the 2 screws at about the same time tightening one a bit, then the other alternating between the two.

WARNING- the bike frame is aluminum and it is quite easy to strip the treads in the holes if the screw is cross threaded. Make sure the screw is true before applying pressure.

Step 3: The Upper Support

The bends in the upper supports that come with the bike are great, but they make the supports too short.

Attach the supports that came with the Racktime rack using the original screws. Back the screws out a half turn to give the supports some play. IF YOU SKIP THIS STEP, YOU COULD STRIP THE THREADS!

Assemble the mounts as shown in the instructions that come with the rack and slide the supports into the mounts. as you rotate the supports rearward, they open up, find the balance where you can easily slide them in the mounts.

*If you place the supports in the mounting holes first and try to bolt them to the frame there will be too much tension on the second screw and you will not be able to bolt it up without cross threading- and stripping- the hole.

Step 4: Final Bolt Up and Fender Support

The screws and nuts used to connect the adjustable strut and tiedown to the factory rack are used to bolt the Racktime Add-it and the fender stay to the repositioned strut. pass the screw through the rack, the last hole in the strut and finally the fender stay. The fender stay with require some muscling to get it into position but it will fit without modification. Finally, attach the nylok nut and bolt it together.

If you have any doubts, take the bike to a bike shop, 20mph is not when you want to find something is loose.