Introduction: Installing SubWoofers Into a Avalanche

Installing sub woofers into a Chevrolet Avalanche can be quite tricky due to the very low back seats. In this Instructables i will show you step by step how to install them.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1.A Chevrolet Avalanche
2. 2 12 inch sub woofers
3. A avalanche sub box
4. Amp
5. Wiring kit
6.screw driver
7. Wire splitter
8. Wrench
9. Helping hand

Step 2: First Step

Fold down your back seat exposing the removable back wall. Turn the to unlock keys on the door and fold down and remove.This makes you able to see through the back.

Step 3: Installing Your Subwoofers

Now that your back panel is removed you have a space for your box, you will be able you slide your box right into the hole and lock it just like you would lock the back panel that you just removed. This box is made only for avalanches this is why it locks in place and serves as a back panel and a sub woofer box.

Step 4: Now Installing Your Amp

You can place your amp any place you choose. Most people place them under their back seat. This is the easiest place and where I placed mine. Screw your amp into place using 4 screws and your screw driver.

Step 5: Wiring Step 1

There are many wires involved in this process. First you will need to wire your amp to your battery and then your amp to your radio. There is a place for your amp wires in the back of your radio.

Step 6: Wiring Step 2

Now you must wire your amp to your subs. After plugging your power, ground and RCA wires into your amp simply run the other end of your RCA wires to your sub woofers. There is a spot on your box to plug these wires in.

Step 7: Your Done

You now have sub woofers in your avalanche now turn your music up and enjoy.

Step 8:

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