Introduction: Installing a Home Surveillance System

A home security system in this day and age is a necessity. Nothing feels worse than your property getting vandalized and the vandals get away with it because there is no evidence. The best solution to this is getting a Camera and NVR.

Step 1: Step by Step

Step by Step

Step 1 - Install the hard drive into NVR

· Remove the screws on the cover of the NVR

Step 2 - Take the NVR and hook it up before going and installing cameras to make sure it works

Step 2: Step by Step

Step 3 - Follow the setup on the monitor for the NVR (different for every brand of NVR)

· Format Hard Drive · Set an admin password · Set a pin

Step 4 – Run an ethernet cord from where the NVR is going to be stored to the location of where you want the camera

Step 5 – Install the camera outside · Follow the mounting instructions that should be included in the camera box Step 6 – Run an Ethernet cord to the router and plug it into an available slot

Step 7 – Look at the NVR and make sure that the camera is registering

Step 8 – Enjoy your new surveillance system and feel comfortable knowing that if anything happens it will be on video.