Introduction: Instructable Baby Pink Earings

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Step 1: Materials


2x Brass earring hoop 35x30mm.

2x gold coins with a circle at the top so that you can hang them well.

40x beads that are the colour baby pink.

4x small golden beads.

4x a little bigger beads that look little like a diamond.

1x a jewellery pliers with a flat side and a round side.

make sure that all the holes from the beads fit in to the brass earring hoop.f

Step 2: Step 1

when you have opened the rings they should look like the one shown in the picture. on top of the ring you have a circle and a small rod that is pointing upwards. bend the small bar a bit straight so that you can put the beads in it. when you make the bar a bit straight use then the pliers so it won't break.during your process when the beads don't fit you always can bend the smaal bar more so it is easier to slide the beads.

Step 3: Step 2

When you are done bending the rod you are going to put the beads on it. make sure you have a pattern so first 10x baby pink then 1x gold 1x that opaque bead which looks like a diamond and then 1x the coin then again x1 that diamond then 1x gold and then 10x pink again. so this is your pattern now you need to string it. if you did the first 10 baby pink it should look like the picture above.

Step 4: Step 3

Here you see it when you are half way. so you have already put your coin on it. With the larger bead you have to pay attention because often you have to bend your rod more at that point, so pay attention to that.

Step 5: Step 4

if you have done it all the way so after the coin 1x that big bead dna 1x gold and then again 10x baby pink you have to pay attention. also you are so very good you have to bend the short rod where you first threaded all your beads through again so that your beads do not fall out. make sure to use your pliers again. now bend it upwards again so that you can put the rod through the circle so that it is closed.

Step 6: Step 5

here you can see that your earring is closed when you bend it be careful not to break it because often you have bent it so much that it breaks quickly so do it carefully. when you have done that you have finished the first earring. now you have to do exactly the same steps from 1 to 5 until you have finished the whole set. now you have a nice gift to make someone happy with me.

Step 7: Also Here Is a Video About It

Here is it also on YouTube

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