Introduction: Instructable Paper Moving Robot !

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For this funky looking robot, I downloaded it from here :)

The robot is fun to make and pretty straightforward to complete compared to other papercrafts that I recently tried (and failed hard) but to fail is to learn though for the next time but overall this instructable is pretty easy to complete.

I wanted to make this robot move somehow, so I just went with the flow to see what happens (not done stuff like this since school (20+) years ago - the robot only moves back and forth (like he's busting through the wall

Step 1: Bits You Will Need

* A print out of instructables robot (click link to get print off)

* Scissors

* Glue (I used normal craft glue for the robot then used gluegun for the base)

* Yellow and Black crafting paint

* Paint brush

* A4 Paper

* Ruler

Step 2: Cutting Out the Robot and Putting It Together

Next thing to do was to cut out the pieces required to make the robot, folding any folds so they are ready to glue

Once the robot is was put together I wanted to make a small platform base for it to stand on..

Step 3: Making the Bottom/sides of Base

For this next part, I cut out 2 square shapes which I wanted to use for the bottom and top piece.

I then made the 2 side pieces with 1 having a hole cut out (for the arm to go through) I then cut out a slot section on the top for the robot to move.

With all the pieces glued to together would create a small base/box for the robot to stand on. I made each of the pieces with folds to be able to glue together to create a box ( I left 1 side off so I could work inside getting the 2 small and long rods in place (the 2 rods were basically rolled up paper glued together for strength with a smaller rod that sits inside (glued to the longest rod) so the small rod can sit.

For the moving rods you will need: 1 long paper rod 1 Medium length rod 1 smaller rod The smaller rod sits glued to the base and the long arm so the medium (protruded out) arm sits in so it can be connected to the robots leg - All of the rods are just rolled up cut to size and glued to stay rolled up.

Step 4: Connecting the Robot

Next thing I did was to attach the robot to the protruding rod (gluing it in place) whilst making sure the robot can move nicely in the cut out slot

Step 5: Cutting Out the Backing and Painting

Next step was to give it the base a coat of yellow paint ( I ended up putting 2 coats of yellow on )

Step 6: Making the Back Piece and Top

So for this next part, I used 3 pieces of A4 with the 1st piece painted black.

The 2nd piece I used the scissors to cut out a "breaking through affect" made a bit of a mess with the black paint so I covered it up with a 3rd piece of A4 to hide the mess but gave it a bit of strength when standing.

Step 7: Cutting Out the Front Strips and Attaching Them to Base/top

For the next part I cut out paper 2 strips with foldable pieces at each end to be able to glue it to the top piece (Top piece = I cut out by using the bottom base as a template to get the shape)

Once the backing piece was glued to the bottom piece I was then ready to glue the 2 strips on to the front and then to finish off with adding the top piece by gluing the folds and connecting them together.

Step 8: Painting Front Strips and Top

Last part with the painting was to give a couple of coats of yellow to the top piece and 2 front strips.

Step 9: Making Arrows and Painting Them

I cut out 2 paper arrow shapes and slapped on a coat or 2 of black paint ready to be glued on to the base - 1 at the bottom of the robot and other by the large rod.

Step 10: Finishing Touches...

Once the arrows were glued in place, I used a black pen to draw lines and a few dots to the base piece.

For the last part - I rolled up a small piece of paper (glued it to stay rolled up) and wrapped it around the large rod to give it some more strength then I painted it black to finish it off.

Me and the kids really enjoyed making this instructable and it was very nostalgic as it's been a long time since I've done any crafting with paper !

Thankyou for taking the time to read through my instructable.

Edit: added a Moving GIF (although he got a bit squashed :(

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