Instructables.zom- How to Edit a Logo

Introduction: Instructables.zom- How to Edit a Logo

It's nearly Halloween again and I couldn't help thinking what the Instructables robot would look like if it became one of the infected.

Please read on if you dare . . .

To do this I have used Photoshop on a Mac but the principals are the same for any editing software software.

The icon of each tool needed will be introduced in the accompanying photographs.

Instructions will be supported with screen shots which are numbered in red.

Step 1: Step1- Copying the Arm

 Open the logo  (image 1 )

Zoom into area of the right arm    by pressing cmd + =   ( image 2 )

Select the magnetic lasso tool ( see accompanying photograph) and draw around the right arm.
To do this click on a starting point and you'll see a thin line extending out from the cursor as you drag ( you do not have to hold down for this).
The lasso will automatically snap the line to the edge of the object when you reach your starting point, click to release the magnetic lasso.

The arm is now selected.

Press cmd + C ( to copy the arm)

 Press cmd + V  (this moves a copy of the arm to layer 1) ( see image 3 )

Step 2: Step 2- Moving the Arm

Press cmd +  the thumbnail of the arm on layer 1  ( this selects everything on layer 1)        ( see image 3 )

Press cmd + T   (This puts the selection in transform mode so that we can rotate it)

A box appears around the arm ( image 4 ) and when the cursor is put just outside this box , near the corner, the cursor changes into a little arc. Left click and drag it to the desired orientation.

Move the cursor into the box and it changes back to an arrow; now you can drag the box to its desired position.  ( image 5 )

Once you are happy with its position, press enter to escape Transform mode.

Step 3: Step 3 - Fine Tuning the Arm

We are still on layer 1.

Select the eraser tool ( see accompanying photograph) and rub out the parts of the arm that should be out of sight. (image 6 )

When finished press cmd + D ( to deselect the arm).

Step 4: Step 4- the Left Arm

In the layers palette ( image 3 ) click on the background layer.

As before, using the magnetic lasso, select the arm, copy it and paste it.

We have now created layer 3.

As before, use cmd + T to rotate and move the arm to the desired position.

There is no need to erase any part of the arm this time. (image 7 )

Step 5: Step 5- Removing the Uninfected Arms

On the layers palette , click the background layer and select the eraser tool.
use this to remove the original arms. ( image 8 )

Step 6: Step 6- Face

Press shift + cmd + N ( this opens up a new layer).

Select the brush tool and go to the color swatch ( image 9 ) and choose a green.

Set the opacity low ( image 10 ) .

Paint the face ( image 11 ).

Step 7: Step 7- Teeth

Go to the color swatch again and choose a red.

Draw on some blood; the opacity can be 100% ( image 12 ).

Using the same steps, add some teeth. ( image 13 ).

Step 8: Step 8- Data Slot

Press shift + cmd + E    ( This joins all the layers; there is only one layer now).

Using exactly the same steps as before add some slime, maybe some scars, color in his eyes . . . maybe erase his antenna and redraw them.

Step 9: Step 9- the Typeface

Go to the eye dropper tool, in the tool box (see accompanying image), and click the cursor over the orange color behind the text ( image 15 ).

Now using the brush tool, paint over the lettering.

Click on the text tool (see accompanying image) and choose ' cracked ' font at size 55.

In the color swatch, click white and type ' instructables.zom".( image 16 ).

Step 10: Step 10- the Strapline

Select the background layer and using the same steps as before, alter the writing of the strapline.

I used Monaco font at size 18pt.

When you have finished press shift + cmd + E   to bring everything down on to one layer.

The zombie logo is complete . . . 


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