Integration of Solar Cooker/Concentrator With Cow-Dung Based Biogas Plant

Introduction: Integration of Solar Cooker/Concentrator With Cow-Dung Based Biogas Plant

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So, reason behind this project was community service, I helped a family by providing them solar cooker and biogas plant.
Main idea of the project is to install a cooking panel on the solar concentrator to make it a cooker where (beneficiary) can cook during day time and during night time she can burn the biogas under the cooking panel and cook on it. I made this during summer and test it. So, concentrator was working perfectly for cooking but I had no idea will it work in winter or not at at their location. I am writing this during winter season. I visited the beneficiary's home recently and found out that solar cooker also works during winter but take more time to cook. she is also using it to make some hot water to shower her children.

I told her to divert the sun light on to biogas plant during winter season. Specifically, when she is not cooking. It will rise the temperature of biogas plant which will increase the activity of methanogenic bacteria and production of biogas will also increase.

Remember: Don't focus the focal point of concentrator on to biogas plant container. It may melt the container even in winter season.

Step 1: Procurement

These are the things that I have used to built this integrated model like drill, cutter, measurement tape, silicon, epoxy, satellite dish & its stand, high quality container for biogas plant, plastic pipes & elbow for inlet and out let, car tire tubes for storing biogas, small mirrors almost 0.64 inch square area.

You can use the Aluminum foil instead of mirrors but it has 80 to 85% reflectance and mirror have more than 95% reflectance. So, it not just efficient but also more strong/resistive to weather conditions.

Step 2: Remove the Layer of Color.

Remove the layer of color on the satellite dish so mirrors can stick easily.

Step 3: Stick the Mirrors

Stick the mirrors it the manner that no space is left between them. If you mirrors are too big it will impact the shape of parabola and results will not be the same as expected. Because, the rays will pass the focal point.

Step 4: Test

During the test steadily hold the wood/paper on the focal pint. It will start burning in seconds.

Step 5: How to Find the Focal Point

For focal point you can do hit and trail method by placing the wood/paper at different Heights form the center. or you can calculate and get and idea form the this formula


Step 6: Building the Biogas Container

I used air sealed, high quality container which is used to transport the diesel. I made one inlet for feed with pipe elbow of 4 inch diameter and outlet at the bottom with 2 inch pipe, used the gas pipe for storing the gas in the car tire tubes and used this burner value during experiments

Step 7: Final Look of Project - Before Experiment

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