Introduction: HealthKit - Smart Pill Dispenser (Intel IoT)

Here comes Health-Kit which reminds you of which medicines to take
with what dosage and the time you need to take it at. The app will also notify you on patient and Guardian's Phone if he/she has missed a pill intake.

The pill intake information can be shared with doctor, so that he can also keep track of your health. Medicine can also be ordered online before the pills in the dispenser are emptied.

Step 1: Need

Problem Statement :
A way to enable older patients with amnesia to adhere to chronic disease medicines on time.

Example :

According to the ICMR report the weighted prevalence for chronic disease hypertension, was 164.18 per 1,000 adults for urban areas, and 157.44 for rural areas.

2 Prevalence of hypertension is increasing exponentially in India.

3 Hence hypertension has become a significant public health problem in India.

Unique and innovative attributes of the project :

It is completely user-centric design, built based on feedback from users, guardians and other stake-holders involved.

Need specifications :

Reminds when to take medicine

Fail-proof ( reminds a guardian when medicine not taken)

Ensure correct medicine should dispense ( feedback log )

Step 2: Things Needed

Hardware Requirements:
Intel Galileo


Pill Pushing mechanism

IR sensors



Only nodeJS

Cloud connectivity :

Consistent data sent to the local server built inside the Galileo

Step 3: Mechanical Design

Mechanical system consist of a small plastic box which is used as the base structure of the smart pill box

Put a small hole in the one side of the box such that the dispensor pill tube can be fitted inside

the pill dispensor tube is design and 3d printed and assembled properly

Step 4: Working

Technical Working :

Here it consists of a hardware device which has a couple of servo and the pill dispensing mechanism, which is connected to the pins of the galileo, and a buzzer, touch-sensor is attached to it. Now this is connected to the cloud by means of the nodejs running in the yocta linux running ( on the galileo), the same is ported to an app which can be used on both android and the ios.

Now in the GUI, it has a menu by which we can add pill type and number of pills needed to be taken and the duration at which it has to be taken. As soon as this data is updated in the cloud, it will be updated in the device which dispenses the correct medication based on the data set from cloud. To ensure medications are taken, a notification to the user and the caretaker are sent, where he/she can give the patient a real-time notification and remind them.