Introduction: Intense Dumbbell Ab Workout - 100 Rep Exercise Challenge

This dumbbell intense Ab workout uses 100 Rep exercises to help you burnout your complete core and the resistance will help you build more defined ab muscles. If you don't have a dumbbell, you can use a kettle bell, a water bottle, a sand bag, or you can still get a great burn without a dumbbell. Modifications are included in the video for anyone who doesn't have a dumbbell.

This training takes only 5 min and it is a great workout finisher after your cardio or resistance training. You can incorporate this routine every other day for 3 times per week.

Workout details and time stamps (click the time then it will take you to the exercise):

Exercise 1: Time Stamp: 0:50 Dumbbell (Kettle Bell) Swings, 20 reps, lower back, glutes

Exercise 2: Time Stamp: 1:32 Dumbbell Low Plank Rotation Right Side, 20 reps, oblique

Exercise 3: Time Stamp: 2:32 Dumbbell Low Plank Rotation Left Side, 20 reps, oblique

Exercise 4: Time Stamp: 2:52 Dumbbell Sit Up Combo, 20 reps, upper ab, lower back

Exercise 5: Time Stamp: 3:40 Dumbbell Lying Down Toe Touches, same arm same leg, 10 reps each side, lower ab

Bonus workout video links: Time Stamp: 4:13 Full Body Dumbbell Cardio Workout 5 min AMRAP Body Weight Ab Workout

Hopefully you find these workouts helpful and you can alternate the ab workouts so you don't ever get bored.

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