Introduction: Interchangeable (Medical) ID Bracelet

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I recently had the need for getting a Medical ID bracelet for one of my daughters; she is 7 and wanted something cute and cool. I wanted something that she wanted to wear and would keep on.After searching the web for options I did not want to spend $30 to 50 dollars for one bracelet.There were web sites that had bracelets like this, there best prices were around $25 for one.I wanted at least 2, kid’s loose stuff; it is always good to have an extra or two.So we decided to make them.I ordered the engraved ID plates (; we went and bought some beads, clasps, wire, crimps and a crimper. We started just making regular bracelets for the family while we waited for the ID plates to come.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


  • Crimper for Crimps
  • Mechanical Pencil  - helps organize beads
  • Tweezers
  • Something to cut wire - Leatherman or scissors
  • Bead guide or some thing to line up beads so they don't roll away


  • Beads
  • Crimps
  • Claps
  • Jump rings
  • Wire - for example Tiger wire, It is a like a plastic coated metal cable

The ID Plate
         I ordered my  from -

         This is where I got my ideas from but my are a little diffrent.

          I put the clasps on the ID plate and then I can change the bracelet part without buying 2 clasps for each bead section.

           We can make the bead parts and they can be diffrent for diffrent outfits. She can/could change it easily every day.

Step 2: The Process

First I cut the wire to about 1 foot, there is extra but with my big hands it is easier to get the beads on and work with it.

Then I put on 2 crimps and made a loop and crimped it,  2 of them just to be secure.

I had my daughter set up the beads in the tray the way/what she wanted, after all she will be wearing it.

I strung the beads on the wire.

Measured her wrist with the ID plate so it was snug but not tight.

Cut off extra wire, I leave it long and it will slide into the beads.

Put on 2 more crimps and make a loop slideing extra wire into beads, then crimp the 2 crimps.

The crimper has 2 slots one is round the other has a "w" shape, I use the "w" then round it with the other part.

Then on the ID plate I took one jump ring and a clasp, and I put one set on each side of it. So then I can just change the beaded part.

Step 3: More "Id"eas

Here are some of  the regular bracelets we made.

And also a paracord attachment ( I ordered 4 ID plates, so this one will stay like that -- For camping, swiming  ect)

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