'Internet' in Google Drive

Introduction: 'Internet' in Google Drive

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This may seem like a strange concept but you can create an internet of sorts through Google Drive, all you need to do it is knowledge of how to use Google Drive, HTML, CSS and JavaScript (no PHP required). The thing is this internet can not be viewed by any user but only by a person who you have shared the files with.

Step 1: Create a Google Account

Even if you have a current Google account it is best to get a new one as then you can get 15GB of space dedicated to your 'Internet'.

Go to https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?hl=en to sign up for a Google account and fill out the form and if you have a phone linked to the account, verify it otherwise you will have problems sharing files with other accounts.

Step 2: Google Drive Files

Go to https://drive.google.com/ and make sure you are signed into the correct account

Create a new file (right click and click new file), You can name this file anything you want, I have named mine 'Internet' for simplicity. You can delete the getting started PDF in Google Drive, it's not needed.

Step 3: Scripting HTML/CSS

Create a new file in your computer, you can call it whatever you want, I have called mine jWeb as that will be the name of my 'Search Engine' in my 'Internet'. This file will be where the 'Internet's' files will be contained. In this file create an HTML file (index.html) and CSS (styles.css). These two files will be where the opening area for the 'Internet' will be. Hopefully, you know how to make a website with HTML and CSS, but if you don't there a plenty of great internet resources out there. You will need to script the HTML and CSS, you can style this however you like but a menu area for finding the other parts of the 'Internet'.

Step 4: Expanding Your 'Internet'

From here in your folder with your starting HTML and CSS files, you can add more folders for different areas of your 'Internet' with different HTML and CSS in those folders.

Step 5: Uploading the 'Internet'

Upload your folder (jWeb for me) into the Internet folder in your Google Drive, make sure that it does not replace the internet folder but nests inside the internet folder. From here you can share the Internet file with people and if you have created a Social Media area or a News area you can use it to keep in touch or whatever you really want to do. You share the files by right clicking the 'Internet' folder and click share before typing in their Gmail address. To access the 'Internet' double click the main HTML file and then clicking open with Google Chrome at the top, now you can access the 'Internet'.

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