Introduction: Interrupts Lab

To begin this lab you will need:

9 Leds

9 220 ohm resistors

1 10K ohm resistor

15 copper wires

Step 1: Add the Parts

In this step you will adding all of the needed components. The power cord should run from the 5V pin to the power rail. The ground wire will run from GND to the ground rail (-). The LEDS should be added next, followed by the button. Once these are added, add the copper wires and resistors to properly connect the components.

Step 2: Test the Source Code

With everything wired up, you can now test provided source code. Below I have attached source code that performs an interrupt function. The loop method runs through an array of pins and assigns a specific state. During this time, if a button is pressed an interrupt will occur. The interrupt calls for up to three random LEDs to have their state changed