Introduction: Intro:

This is a step by step instructable guide on how to create a plant pot using casting plaster.


1 pair of scissors

1 protractor with a pencil

1 pencil

1 set square

1-2 sheets of high impact polystyrene (HIPS)

1 gluestick

1-2 pieces of paper

1 tape dispenser

2 cups of water

3 cups of plaster

Step 1: Gluing Materials

Glue a4 paper to any corner of HIPS sheet

Step 2: Drawing Circles

Draw out 7 circles - 3cm radius along the edge of the paper (to save space)

Step 3: Drawing Smaller Circles

Draw two circles - 2cm radius (these will be needed for the core).

Step 4: Marking Circles

Draw evenly spaced markings along each circle line (see example video)

Step 5: Connecting Markings

Draw lines connecting the marks to create the hexagonal shape (see example video).

Step 6: Drawing Squares

Draw six 2cm by 2cm squares.

Step 7: Drawing Rectangles

Draw six 15cm by 2cm rectangles for the core

Step 8: Cutting Shapes

Cut out all drawn shapes using scissors

Step 9: Taping Mould Shapes

Tape the 7 bigger hexagons and 6 squares together only from the outside using tape (follow pattern shown in picture)

Step 10: Taping Core Shapes

Tape the 6 rectangles and 2 smaller hexagons together from the inside and outside using tape.

Step 11: Casting Plaster

Take 2 cups of water and 3 cups of plaster, mix in a bucket and pour into mould until it is roughly halfway full, then insert core and use tape to hold it in place as shown in picture, let set for 3 or more days

Step 12: Taking Plaster Out of Mould

use exacto knife to cut along the taped edges of the mould to open mould, or peel tape off with hands, then carefully pull core out.

Step 13: Final Touches (optional)

Sand edges of finished plant pot or cut off uneven pieces.