Introduction: Intro & Things

If your like me and you have a second or even third keyboard for your computer games but want to add a bit of "You" to it, then this is for you. There are several way that this can be done but I will be focussing on two. Now the pictures and steps are for my personal setup so unless you like mine, use this as more of a guide line and do what you find comfortable.

Things You Need for Method 1
>PC/Mac Keyboard (depending on your setup)
>Flat Head Screwdriver

Things You Need for Method 1+
>All of the above
>3 Different Colours of Spray Paint (I'm using Black, Red and Silver)
>Painters Mask

Step 1: Step 1 - Popping Those Keys

For method 1 all we will be doing is rearranging the keys. Where you put them is up to you but this is my setup.

>Take the flat head screwdriver and insert it between the key you want out and the one next to it.
>Angle the screwdriver away from the key and push down on it firmly but too hard, otherwise we could loose it
> repeat with all the keys you want to replace with and too be replaced

Step 2: Step 2 - Layout

Here is where you can get creative and design where you want to put your keys. Keep in mind the the "F" and "J" key sockets are rotated 90 degrees on the majority of keyboards so you will have to design around that (if you are continuing on to Method 1+, you wont have to worry about that but it would be a good idea to at least sketch out the layout and make a note of which keys you want to use)

now some people don't put the excess keys back in so as to make sure that they wont hit the wrong key, some put them in to fill in the gaps, it's up to you.

Step 3: Step 3 - Finished Method 1

Now you have your very own custom gaming keyboard that a few other people have. Now if you want to make it super personal continue on, but if your satisfied here then congratulations you have just levelled up your gamer geek score :D

This will be in the final step aswell but I want to see your custom keyboards so take a picture and put it in the comments or email them to me and I will post them all in a bonus step at the end so everyone can see and get inspiration from them.

>Email to
>Subject line as "Gamer Geek Keyboard"

You can put your name and country if you want to but it is not necessary, if you live in the USA could you put the state you live in please just so we can narrow it down a bit.

Step 4: Method 1+ - Setup

Now using the setup you just made in the previous step or with just your sketch, remove all the keys separating them into three groups

>All the rest

You will then want to clean the keyboard and keys to get rid of all the fluff and dirt. You will also want to disassemble the keyboard base into its two parts and remove the feet as well so that you can paint the it all at the same time and you wont have any colour mismatches.

Once that is done you want to sand all the keys and keyboard so that the primer and paint will adhere to the plastic properly.

Step 5: Method 1+ - Paint & Customization

I wont go into great detail on how to paint everything.

>Use the primer on everything you are going to paint and allow it to dry following the instructions on the can
>When painting you want to do even strokes and around three coats and then allow to dry and cure following the instructions on the can

For bonus points while you wait for the paint to dry, you could replace the LED's for the Caps, Num lock and Scroll lock to match your colour scheme like an ice blue or a fiery red.

Step 6: Method 1+ - Reassembly

Once everything is dry and cured, reassemble your custom keyboard, stand back and think "That looks AWESOME" because you have just completed your truly custom one-of-a-kind keyboard that reflects your personality.

Now don't forget I want to see your creations so email them to me and I will put all photos in the "Inspiration Step" after this one

You may have noticed that I haven't painted mine yet but that's because I can't get hold of any paint right now but rest assured that when I do I will post pictures ASAP

email to
subject line "Gamer Geek Keyboard"

You can put your name and country if you want to but it is not necessary, if you live in the USA could you put the state you live in please just so we can narrow it down a bit.