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I hear mini-wallets are all the rage now? So I decided to make one out of tape. Why? I'm going to some festival and I don't want to drag a hulky wallet around all the time. I just need my ID, some bank-card and a little paper cash maybe, so smaller == better.

I saw people make real impressive wallets all over the web, but I decided to just improvise my way out of it and it turned out "OK".

Step 1: Planning and Layout

Ok, first you need to know what you want to make. I decided to make it so that 3 or 4 smart-cards fit in snugly. So I collected a bunch of cards from my old school monster wallet and worked around that. Add one or two cards MORE than needed if you tend to work tight (I know I do) to make sure the desired amount still fits when done. Plus, edges tend to get a little thicker when finishing them, so they might cause a tighter fit. Other than holding the cards I needed a little closing mechanism.

Apart from thinking a little ahead about the design, you might want to figure out a clamping strategy. It's always good to have a clamping strategy. Those clamps used for soldering might have been extremely handy. It might have been just short of "extremely", but handy nonetheless. I used some clothespins and a bunch of random crap to balance everything.

As you can see in the picture I already added a layer of tape around the cards, with the sticky side out since you want to be able to take your cards out. On to the next step!

Step 2: The Insides, Corners and Magic!

In the first picture you can see I just stuck a piece of tape (again, sticky side out) where the roundness of the corner ends and I flipped that over to the other side.

Then I went on to the corners themselves. First you stick it to the edge of the wallet and around the corner as seen in the second and third picture. In the third picture you can also see how I cut up to the edge, this makes it possible to close the corner in on itself.

Step 3: Start Working on the Outside and Don't Forget You Need to Close It

Before you close everything off neatly, remember you need to close it. I decided to work with a little purse magnet (more on this later), so I needed to stick the little metal plate somewhere inbetween. I added some extra layers of tape for extra insulation where it "touches" the cards.

First I sealed the bottom, the same corner cutting as the inside can be applied. I decided to get a little wild here, though. I made TWO cuts (revolutionary, ey?) instead of one. This way I could make the corner less cornery and more roundish by pulling the mid-section diagonally towards the center.

Now that this is done, things will only get easier. You can now hold your project without sticking to it, clamping gets easier as well. Profit! Next step, please.

Step 4: Finicking Around the Edges

Edging, arguably the most important part of this, it took a little patience and fiddling.

To start I added two small strips of tape on each end (and then I forgot to take pictures, so it ends here, hehe).

To flip those pieces over to the outside you can push the outsides in untill you get a more or less straight end to work with. This will make them flippable. Continue untill the complete edge is lined. (I used two short ends and two longer on each side, you could use more/smaller pieces, but I advise you to keep this to a manageable minimum. Every seam is a weakness, so try to avoid them.)

Now magnets!

Step 5: Wonderful Magnets to Keep It All Together

Magnets are magical and rad. That being said I did some research before randomly exposing my cards to magnets. I found this nice article on google (first hit or something, which means either I'm lay-z or a great googler, I vote for the latter): https://www.studiokatdesigns.com/ask-kat-will-purs...

In short it boils down to: magnets are OK in certain circumstances, just don't push it, man (or chicken-duck-woman-thing, sorry for assuming genders).

Just put the magnet in the center of one end of tape, get a little creative with scissors and everything over. I promise: my result doesn't look pretty, it's a mess.

Then you close of the front of the wallet by just sticking a length of tape to it (make sure you've got some left for the other side). Then you can stick the magnet to it and flip over to the other side. On the back you just stick the non-magnet part to the sticky inside left exposed untill now and close it all off with the rest of the tape you got left.

Step 6: Done and Done

Now you are officially done, fashionable hipster, you. Right at the end I decided to cut a gap in the front for easier access. Not the brightest idea because the fold-over-edge is now cut and weakened, so I slapped on two little leftover squares of tape I had.

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