Introduction: Invert XYZ Da Vinci 1.0A Door

** Be aware that this modification will require you to cut plastic and drill a few holes, this will probably void your limited warranty if you decide to do this. **

I recently rearranged my desktop setup and found that due to where I decided to place my Da Vinci printer, the door would open towards me instead of towards the wall so I can easily access it. Do I decided to do something about that :) . You can probably 3D print some of the parts if you do not want to make changes to the original hardware.

If you have the 1.0A or your door has text on, it will be upside down after this modification.

Also, there will be a little bulge after moving the hinge but you can probably fix this by making the hinge thinner.

Lastly, if your door has magnets to keep it closed they will continue to work after you flip the door upside down.

Tools needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Digital Calipers
  • Drill with drill bits
  • Dremel with some sort of cutting wheel.
  • A few flathead screws

Let's get started!

Step 1: Remove Panels

You will need to remove the side panels and top panel that houses the LCD screen. The side panels are held with 5 clips per side which are located at the top of the printer and can be pried a flathead screwdriver.

One you have removed the side panels, you will need to remove the top panel with the LCD, and this is held in place with 4 plastic clips located on the inside of the printer. Be careful when you remove the panel so you do not damage the ribbon cable. After you have the top panel removed, disconnect the ribbon cable from the LCD panel (make note which way the cable goes back in for later).

Step 2: Modifications

Door Hinge

Remove the white plastic door hinge that is held in place with a torx screw. You will need to cut off the clip and also cut the back side of the hinge so that it's flat from top to bottom.

Next, you will need to cut a hole in the trim piece that located along the bottom of the door. First you should assemble the right side panel and door upside down so you can align and mark where to cut the hole (you shouldn't need to cut into the divider (blue line in the picture) ) . I used a popsicle stick to make sure the bottom and right side of the door were even.

Top Cover

Flip the top cover upside down so that the LCD pcb board is facing you. You will need to cut the support/pillar on the left side (see picture) so that it's at least as low as the right side, the door hinge will have to fit in this area.

Step 3: Modifications Part 2

Door Hinge Part 2

Careful when drilling to make sure you don't hit something on the other side or you don't drill into an existing screw.

Assemble the door upside down with the right side panel back on the printer and attach the white plastic hinge on the left side with the screw hole at the bottom. Align the hinge so that all sides even and the door will open/close correctly. Drill a hole in the metal frame of the printer using the existing hole of the hinge. I do not recommend using the original torx screw as mine broke as I was tightening it. Next pick another spot on the plastic hinge and drill another hole, this will prevent the hinge from wobbling. You should use a flathead screw here as this is where the bulge will be.

Step 4: Reassemble Shell

Attach the ribbon cable to the LCD on the top cover and attach it back to the frame of the printer. You should be able to clip 3 of the 4 clips (due to the bulge). Assemble the side panels and you are done! Congrats if you got this far :) ...

I hope my steps made sense, please feel free to comment or ask questions about any of my steps.